The wartime girls.

Vrouwen in de Tweede Wereldoorlog

First Lady Honors Pioneering Female Air Force Officer

On March 3, First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama presented a special U.S. flag to retired Air Force Brigadier Gen. Wilma Vaught.
Mrs. Obama want the female veterans to stand up for themselves.
I know that so often you are trained to focus on your team and your mission, and not yourself,” Obama said. “If you’re a woman veteran, if you’ve worn this country’s uniform and served us so bravely, I ask you to stand tall and share your story.”

The military, which is dominated by men for many years and that ought to be changed. General Vaught played an important role in helping to make that change and so she was handed the special U.S.flag.

In 1948 Congress passed the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act which allowed women to become full-fledged members of the military. In those days is was a revolution, said Gen.Vaught. Since then, women in the military have fought for further rights, even suing to achieve equality with men in the armed services.

Thinking of the female veterans, who still struggle for recognition, one can say that the revolution is not ended yet.