The wartime girls.

Vrouwen in de Tweede Wereldoorlog

The Female Pilots We Betrayed…

In the United States there is much going on concerning female veterans of the Second Worldwar. After nearly 70 years recognition for their war efforts is still not happened.

Sarah Byrn Rickman wrote several books about the WASPs -the women who joined the Women’s Air Service Pilots and she has written an interesting article in the New York Times in which she stand in the breach for these veterans to get them the military honour they deserve.

The WASPs were necessary as more men were sent to the frontlines. Planes had to be flown from factories to the docks to ship them to England. But also  repaired aircrafts had to be tested; and nonflying personnel had to be transported. Several women who had their flying licences volunteered and soon the group grew. Over 1000 women flew all kind of aircrafts, in the beginning only small ones, but as the war lasted, they flew bigger planes.

After the war there were no decorations, neither did they get the military status. And today, after 70 years, when a female veteran dies, her family doesn’t get permission to be buried on Arlington!

Thank God, there are women like Sarah Bynr Rickman and many others, who want to restore this terrible mistake in history. All women in countries who were occupied by the Nazi’s should pay their respects to these brave women in one way or the other. We owe it to them, because they were part of the warefforts, so we all can live in peace for 70 years now.

Read the article of Sarah Byrn Rickman: