The wartime girls.

Vrouwen in de Tweede Wereldoorlog

Women of Steel: LIFE With Female Factory Workers in World War II

She was a pioneer on warphotography: Margaret Bourke -White. She made interesting pictures of female factory workers during World War II for Life -magazine. From all her pictures 24 are chosen to be publish in an article on the website of Time. They show  the great diversity of work that women performed in the factories.


Margaret Bourke -White

Margaret Bourke -White


WW2 women’s secret war effort at Cardigan Bay

In World War II women were working at a top-secret rocket testing range as photo’s -recently found -show. These British women were signed in the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Army and were stationed at Ynyslas, Ceredigion. Later they were send to Australia.

the women of Ynyslas, Ceredigion.

Austria celebrates a film icon and brilliant inventor

Hedy Lamarr was born in 1914, but beside her beauty she was also very intelligent. During World War II together with George Antheil she invented a anti-jamming device, which today is known as frequency hopping. This device could be used in radio-controlled torpedoes. However, the military didn’t take this plan serious. How could a moviestar know anything from military technology? Though Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil got their patent, the plan was never going to be used. Till after the war, a man discovered the drawings in an archive.

In 1998 Hedy Lamarr received the Viktor Kaplan medal from the Austrian Association of patent holders and inventors. Last month Austria gave this beautiful actress, who was Austrian by birth, a honory grave, because of her 100th birthday.:

Hedy-Lamarr-classic-moviesFor the story of Hedy Lamarr (in Dutch), click here.