The wartime girls.

Vrouwen in de Tweede Wereldoorlog

Grandmother of Duchess of Cambridge was working at Bletchley Park during the war

As a young girl, the Duchess of Cambridge would often ask her paternal grandmother: “Granny, what did you do in the war?”
Recently Kate Middleton found out that her grandmother worked at Bletchley Park. The house where the famous Enigma-machine was decoded. When the Duchess of Cambridge visited Bletchley Park, she met Miss Marion Body, who was a colleague of her grandmother. Both women were witnesses when the message came in that Japan had surrendered. Valerie Glassborow, as the grandmother of the Duchess was called, worked together with her twinsister for Y Service at Bletchley.

The Telegraph has published an interesting article about this discovery and the wartime of Valerie Glassborow . Read more on:


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